WearCityHack 2015 was a tremendous success, we hope to see you all again!

Our Teams

Here’s to our Winners and all of our great teams!

Our Winners!

First, credit where it’s due: our great winning teams!

In our culture, the most natural way to make a connection is the handshake. LinkedID detects these handshakes and exchanges contact information among its users without the need for business cards.

Smart Tag
Trying on clothing for size is almost always a chore — using Smart Wear Tag, it’s no longer an issue. Scanning the smart tag with your smartphone allows for the app to suggest the correct size for your measurements and to suggest other products that might fit your usage patterns.

Making a connection between generations is the mission of Tap Tap, a wearable which can be customised by anyone and gifted to their grandparents, giving them a way to feel connected and a two-way communication to signal when one is thinking about the other.

In our hectic times, getting a bit more restful is important. A mixture of art project and app, My Clock manipulates our perception of time by making it speed up or slow down with our pulse.

The awesome Runners-up!

Don’t discount our Runners-up, they were great teams!

Flutter Brain
Having people around who are on the same wavelength makes anything better — and this is where Flutterbrain comes in. Using EEG technology, Flutterbrain analyses mood states and recommends people and events matching the individual mood state of the user.

Scan Me
Using a printed QR-Code, Scan Me dares anyone to scan those wearing their fashionable shirts and to discover what that person has stored online. It could be a comic, contact details or a website — the limit is your imagination.

Going home alone and late at night can be an uncomfortable thought for many women — homee tackles this by providing a simple and secure app which brings women living closeby together and allowing them to share the way home and keep each other safe.

eMio Swift
eMio Swift uses beacon technology to simplify and streamline the booking and use of shared electric scooters.

Some more impressions


There’s some sweet loot for the best hackers!

Up to 15x Garmin vivoactive This brand new Garmin GPS smart watch will be your future companion for all the adventures waiting out there. One watch will be given away for each member of the winning teams using the Garmin Connect IQ technology.

$120,000 in IBM Bluemix™ Cloud Credits Build and run your new App with the professional cloud services of IBM Bluemix™, use their services and integrated APIs.

Pitch at Metropolitan Solutions The winners will get the chance pitch their ideas at THE summit on Smart Cities: the Metropolitan Solutions 2016. They’ll also get complimentary tickets for the summit.

[email protected] with AtomLeap Take the next steps — faster. The Berlin-based hardware accelerator AtomLeap will support you with three more workshops during the [email protected] phase.


You will get access to data sets and APIs from these partners to realize your ideas!

Garmin will provide you with smart watches and full access to their activewear API with which you can develop applications for it!

The InnoZ is mobility research institute based in Berlin that runs one of biggest databases in the world for carsharing movements of which you will get a one month sample to play with.

Bluemix is an open standards, cloud platform for building, running, and managing apps and services – and IBM will grant you access to it for free during the hackathon and provide the winning teams with credits for their projects!

MotionTag is a transport analytics tool for Smartphone Apps. It reliably tells you how, when and where your users are traveling. They will provide you with acceleration data sets.

eMio will provide you with access to their API and data and will have one of their scooters on site.

The Business Location Center of the Berlin Senat has a super detailed and interactive 3D-Map of the city of Berlin which you can use.

Chora has a long-term commitment to developing new methods for architectural design and urban planning that help mitigate and adapt to the challenges of climate change. It operates as a cloud of research and practice clusters in Berlin, London and Chengdu.

Trafo Pop is an international LED vest bicycling gang using wearable electronics to build fancy jackets. They will provide a jacket and all code you need to hack it and control it.

Berlin Open Data is the data portal for the records of the Berlin public administration. Available records include: labor market; education; geography and urban planning; sports and recreation; elections; economy; and more.


WearCityHack is made possible with the generous help of our sponsors.


Someone has to do the heavy lifting.


Claudia Pelzer

Project Manager Smart Cities, Berlin Partner for Business & Technology What is your core criterion? Relevance – for People & Business

Robin Tech

Managing Director, AtomLeap What is your core criterion? Does the idea solve a relevant problem?

Thomas Gnahm

Founder, Wear It Berlin What is your core criterion? Surprise me!

Bastian Binder

Product Manager Content & Services, Garmin What is your core criterion? Creativity and Usability

Thomas Rilke

Director Metropolitan Solutions, Deutsche Messe AG What is your core criterion? Does it create better cities?

Stefanie Molzberger

Leader IBM Cloud Ecosystem Development DACH What is your core criterion? Usage of IBM Bluemix!


Mia Konew

Innovation Consultant What will you contribute? I will support you in developing a SIMPLE & POWERFUL use case for your hardware to make the best prototype, market and business model decisions.

Frank Panse

Project Manager Freight Transport, Berliner Agentur für Elektromobiltität eMO What will you contribute? I will advise participants about sustainable concepts and mobility solutions and direct them towards aligning the solutions and their business models.

Robert Gerlach

Head of Sustainable Innovation Practice, mm1 What will you contribute? I will advise participants about sustainable concepts and mobility solutions and direct them towards aligning the solutions and their business models.

Ansgar Schmidt

Hacker, Maker, Technik-Bubble Expert, IBM What will you contribute? Ideas, Hardware and Software (Firmware & Software) Help,

Benno Bock

Project Developer, InnoZ What will you contribute? Insights into e-mobility and our data on car-, scooter and bike-sharing

Andreas Banholzer

Interaction Designer, AtomLeap What will you contribute? A helping hand in terms of interaction design, programming and 3D printing.

Philipp Daniel

R&D iOS/ConnectIQ Senior Software Engineer, Garmin Würzburg GmbH What will you contribute? ConnectIQ Development

Stephan Leppler

CEO & Co-Founder, MotionTag What will you contribute? I will support the teams in generating data driven product ideas and help with finding use cases and business models.

Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann

CHORA city & energy, TU Berlin What will you contribute? I will support you in designing a challenge-led application to be used by citizen networks and civil initiatives to drive collaborative urban transition processes more successfully.

Tudor Tiplea

Product Manager Mobiles/Wearable, GARMIN What will you contribute? A technical introduction to Garmin Connect IQ and our SDK

Daniel Wald

Engineer, Garmin What will you contribute? I will help you developing ConnectIQ apps based on the MonkeyC language and assist you in questions regarding the Garmin wearable hardware.

Holger Prang

CHORA city & energy, TU Berlin What will you contribute? Building intuitive applications to explore the potentials of data driven decision making in urban planning scenarios. We will bring a road show version of the BrainBox with us for you to play with!

Anne Krehl

Quality Assurance Tester, Games Quality What will you contribute? A helping hand in terms of interaction design, game design or gamification.

Jens Wiechers

Partner, AtomLeap & Co-CEO, Retrobrain What will you contribute? Providing an appreciation of the power of data science and gamification for (social) business.


We were at the hot new coworking space Ahoy! in Wattstraße 11, 13355 Berlin!

Ahoy! Berlin