by Berlin Partner

Berlin is not only one of the most attractive business hubs in Germany and a laboratory for efficient infrastructure, informational networking, sustainable mobility, creativity and combining high productivity with high quality of life.

Smart City is the integrated approach to all the future topics with which we, as a city, will be dealing with in the decades to come. It is about anticipating trends and developments in all areas that affect life in a big city.The idea is to use ICT to develop concrete solutions to make our city more efficient, healthier, more sustainable, more livable and cleaner. In addition to benefiting citizens, climate protection, resource conservation and sustainability are of particular importance. It is necessary to create an organizational framework and network decision-making processes in the cities in order to establish smart technologies.

This includes production processes, services and technologies as well as infrastructures, which will be integrated, networked, mutually supported and implemented through the new “smart” information and communication technologies. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is helping implement these objectives.As an association for developing businesses and promoting technologies, we support growth and innovation in Berlin. Smart city plays an essential role in that. That’s why we created WearCityHack, that brings together passionate developers and talented coders, and provides them with a venue for self-expression to create something new and unique through creativity and technology for future living in the smart cities of the future.

If you want to find out more about Berlin’s Smart City Strategy, head over to our dedicated website for the Smart City Berlin Network.