We had a lot of fun with our teams!


In the Smart City of the future, function becomes fashionable.

WearCityHack brings together passionate developers and talented coders, and provides them with a venue for self-expression to create something new and unique through creativity and technology for future living or smarter wearables. But WearCityHack is more than just another hackathon. For the best teams, it will be a stepping stone towards a six-month
[email protected] program during which they will be supported by mentors and experts from Berlin-based accelerator AtomLeap. It will help them stay focused and develop their hackathon project — and as a special treat, the [email protected] phase ends with a presentation at Metropolitan Solutions, the German summit on smart cities of the future.


How can we create innovative wearable devices that help people make better decisions, live healthier, become more social or have more fun doing sports? You are completely free to do as you like, why not develop the next urban adventure or create an app leading people to a healthy and active lifestyle! It’s up to you.


Some urban areas like Berlin experience a shift towards more eco friendly and shared modes of transport, while other are on the brink of a collapse. Technology enables all kinds of new services, mobility concepts and connectedness in this dynamic field. Autonomous driving is on the horizon and car-sharing changed the way we think about owning a car in just a few years. There are many opportunities for novel business models and we want to explore them with you!


Climate Change, pollution, declining biodiversity and social injustice are some of the biggest challenges of our lifetime and technology is one of our chief tools in addressing these issues. What can the smart city and its inhabitants do with the data they collect and share in order to improve the environment, nudge people towards more sustainable behaviour and help them lead more healthy lives?